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10 reasons to get insurance from KASKO BUTİK

97% of the time, repair expenses do not exceed AZN 5,000.
So why buy expensive CASCO?

We have considered everything and more!

Does buying Insurance limit you in other purchases?

Our CASCO is cheaper than others on average by AZN 1,000!

Can't pay all at once?

With us you can pay in monthly installments!

Fed up with waiting for an insurance payment?

We pay in 59 minutes !

Wouldn't you want a quality repair
for your car in an official service-center?

We guarantee that too!

Tired of collecting lots of documents after an accident?

We do not demand documents for losses up to AZN 1000!

Is your car in repair and do you find it difficult without it?!

We cover your taxi expenses up to AZN 120!

Do you use your car for commercial purposes?

That doesn't stop us either!

Do you drive your car abroad?

Great! Your Insurance Certificate is
valid in the Whole World!

Do others also drive your car?

Not a problem at all!
Anyone older than 21 can drive the car on legal grounds!

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What do they think of us?

I, along with “AVTOSTOP” project (which I authored), have been on radio broadcast since August 9, 2010. We've discussed Casco insurance several times on air. Each time I witnessed that people’s trust to insurance companies is crippled. Most people also think that Casco insurance is too expensive and not worth the money it is being sold for.

KASKO BUTİK answers most of the questions that concern drivers. This is what makes it an attractive option to all drivers, especially those who are confident drivers and those who know their budget.

Tural Yusifov
Author of “AVTOSTOP” project, radiohost
Owner of a Hyundai Santa Fe

Despite the fact that mandatory insurance is widespread in Azerbaijan, the situation with voluntary insurance, including Casco insurance, is unsatisfactory. Casco insurance is decreasing year by year. Both price and cultural factors play a role in this.

I think KASKO BUTİK, due to its affordability and accessibility, will make a special contribution to the formation of a Casco insurance culture!

Natig Zarbaliyev
Chief Editor of “Autograph” online-print, author and host of a TV program under the same name

My first encounter with KASKO BUTİK products left me with an impression that it was one of many other incomplete products that previously existed in the market. However, the more deeply I looked into the insurance coverages, compared it with others and understood its core philosophy, the more I began to like it.

I believe the market has been in need of this kind of Casco offering for a while and I am looking forward to being one of the first clients!

Ramin Musayev
Founder of “Autograph” magazine, businessman

I have dedicated a large part of my life to cars. Almost every day I encounter the problems and defects of different cars. The most attractive thing for me in KASKO BUTİK was the 97% ratio. For a split moment, everything I saw during many years was encaptured, and I realized that the creators of this product have caught on to a very sensitive point. Indeed in 97% of occasions the loss does not exceed 5,000 manats, and even if it does, the car owner insured via KASKO BUTİK platform receives substantial amount as a compensation.

Elchin Abbasov
Technical consultant of Performance Center, Vehicle Expert

We often encounter many questions regarding Casco insurance in automobile journalism and we touch upon the nuances in our articles. But frankly speaking, I haven't seen any serious changes in this field over the past 15 years.

KASKO BUTİK is a whole new approach to Casco insurance, combining innovative solutions, accessibility and ease. I have no doubt that it will become a loyal companion to drivers.

Ruslan Musayev
Auto-blogger, auto-journalist

I have been behind the wheel for 33 years and have almost never driven without having insurance. Although I have paid tens of thousands for Casco Insurance, up to this date I have received insurance payment only once – to change the cracked front window. All the time I was thinking that I needed Casco insurance suitable for my budget which will cover my losses, but will not be underinsurance.

KASKO BUTİK is the project I need!

Gunduz Rahimov
Owner of a KIA Sportage

Like any other product, the quality of insurance is assessed during its usage. In insurance, this assessment happens when you receive a service after you get into an accident. Sometimes it takes weeks to get a 300-500 manat insurance payment, with the client wasting time and resources when repeatedly contacting the insurance company, which forms a negative opinion regarding insurance.

What caught my attention most in KASKO BUTİK was that the payment is carried out in 59 minutes. If this is actually achieved, it will revolutionize the Azerbaijani insurance market!

Rahim Aliyev
Auto-journalist, Formula 1

As part of my job I follow the news in the world of cars. Can’t do without it, you become uninformed about the advanced technology the moment you remain a bit far from the news. It is an undisputable fact that advanced technology results in significant decrease in the number of heavy accidents by regulating the traffic movement. At the same time, Road Patrol Service’s strict supervision also helps decreasing the number of heavy accidents. Obviously, it is great that the number of accidents resulting in serious financial and mental issues are downward trend.

Taking these into account, it can confidently be said that, KASKO BUTİK products will fully meet the drivers’ needs!

Aysel Farziyeva

I have been working with cars for over 20 years and who haven't we seen at our service center! We provide vehicle repairs, from minor dents to wreckages. Every day we accept 3-5 cars for repair. To be honest, most of them come with little damage that we can fix in 1 or 2 days. Severely damaged cars come very rarely and that's why as soon as I saw the numbers I realized that KASKO BUTİK has chosen the right approach. If you are a careful driver and have never had huge losses, 4,000-5,000 manats should be plenty for you. It's one thing having no insurance at all, and another to have one that can provide you full coverage in 97% of occasions, and can also cover a significant part of your loss in the remaining 3% situations.

Imran Orujov
Fitter, AUDI service center

Since childhood I used to work as a repairs-assistant. My specialization is sheet metal work - I spend the whole day knocking damaged iron with a hammer. I have met all kinds of customers, some mild ones, some unsettled and impatient. I often hear talk about insurance, though it is not my field. What I usually notice is that the most common disagreement between the clients and insurance companies is whether to replace or repair the dented parts. Any car part could be fixed, but sometimes they're in such bad condition that after repairs, you cannot disagree with the customer.

KASKO BUTIK evaluates the real loss and compensates you accordingly, leaving you no reason to worry about the things mentioned above!

Elman Mammadov
Sheet metal worker, TOYOTA service-center

I have been working as a sheet metal worker for about 18 years. Depending on the season I accept 2-5 cars per day. This number increases for minor damages and dents during snowy weather. I manage to fix some of these damages in a day where there is no need for painting. In most cases, however, the paint comes off during body repairs so there becomes a need for a car painter. Given my years of experience, I have come across very few major damages costing 4,000-5,000 manats. So few that I even remember them by their number plates.

That's why KASKO BUTIK is so suitable for car owners!

Sardar Javadov
Sheet metal worker, HYUNDAI service-center

The majority of my work is related to car suspension. Since road conditions used to be poor, many cars used to get damaged suspensions, especially when driving into road pits, and a higher number used to come in for repair. Lately, with improved road surfaces there has been a clear decline in this problem. Those car owners with original spare parts come especially rarely.

In KASKO BUTİK the evaluation of loss during an accident is determined based upon original spare parts. Being a driver myself, this comes as pleasant news!

Rza Khalilov
Fitter, LEXUS service center

I work as a car painter. Subsequently, the aesthetics of the car usually depend on my work. Our people adore their cars. Undoubtedly, the first question people ask when buying a car is: “Has the car had a paint job?” I am always surprised when I hear this question. Mate! A car can always get a good paint job… But the most important thing is safety, so that nobody gets hurt. Sometimes I ask my customers, “If you love your car so much, don't you want to get a quality repair? INSURE IT!” The usual answer is “Casco is expensive”. On the other hand, if you're a careful, cautious driver, what need is there for a large insurance sum? Especially since losses and damages are minimal in most cases anyways.

That's why I think that KASKO BUTIK products are exactly what most of these drivers are looking for!

Natig Azizov
Painter, AUDI service center

Last year marked the 15th year since I started working as an auto mechanic. Over the years I've met all sort of different cars, along with their owners. Each had their own desires and objections. Sometimes there have been clients from whom I felt I shouldn't accept any money, and then there were those who named such a figure that completing the necessary repair was unfeasible. But after all, we do try our very best to fulfil our customers' wishes.

It is much easier to work with insured clients because the insurance company determines the loss, negotiates themselves, and all that's left for us to do is finish the job and return the car. We do meet clients who insist that although they have paid over 1,000-1,500 manats for insurance for that year, they have only had one claim worth 300-400 manats. Due to this, they make a decision not to get insurance because it's too expensive. For exactly these types of customers KASKO BUTIK products are the best option. Despite the fact that big losses happen very rarely, it is still highly recommended to get insurance, since you never know what could happen.

Fuzuli Hasanov
Sheet metal worker, KIA service center

For drivers, especially female car-owners, a small car damage can seem like an enormous tragedy. You need to call a tow truck to take the car for repair to the service center, to go after documents etc. All this requires more time and money.

Getting a KASKO BUTIK product solves all your problems with just one phone call. They show up, tow the car, evaluate the loss, repair your car and then return it to you. Apart from this, they also compensate your taxi expenses. As a result, you save a lot of time and money!

Dinara Gozalova
Event Manager
Owner of a Mitsubishi Pajero

In our society many people are of the opinion that women aren't the best drivers. I believe women are in fact much more careful and attentive behind the wheel. Up until now, I have never had any car damages other than a few small scratches on the bumpers. Nonetheless, I end up paying over 1,200 manats for insurance every year.

After seeing KASKO BUTİK I realized that I can still get insured and save up to 700 manats at the same time. And trust me, there are many other ways you could spend those 700 manats...

Alla Mitlinova
Art Director
Owner of a Mercedes-Benz A-Class

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Our Business Model

  • Professional and experienced staff of *2222 Insurance Support Center are on duty 24/7 in order to answer all your insurance-related questions
  • MERİ, the first insurance market Chatbot in the country, placed on our Facebook page, is ready to give you detailed information about KASKO BUTİK
  • Conducting of surveys of your car and your post-accident loss evaluation are done using the latest technological advances, saving you your time and money
  • KASKO BUTİK is a modern and innovative platform. All contracts are signed electronically and sent to your e-mail address along with other documents
  • Your bank account information is not kept by us! All payments are carried out through the payment systems of Pasha Bank and Express Bank, which are equipped with high security
  • Contracts signed via KASKO BUTİK platform are guaranteed not by one, but six leading insurance companies collectively