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  • S
    more for less
    monthly 22 coverage 2222
  • M
    the bigger
    the better
    monthly 33 coverage 3333
  • L
    top up and feel
    more secure
    monthly 44 coverage 4444
  • XL
    costly repair?
    pick me!
    monthly 55 coverage 5555
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    expensive car?
    the perfect match!
    monthly 99 coverage 9999

10 reasons to get insurance from KASKO BUTIK

97% of the time, repair expenses do not exceed AZN 5,000.
So why buy expensive CASCO?


Does buying Insurance limit you in other purchases?

Our CASCO is 4-5 TIMES CHEAPER than others!

Can't pay all at once?

With us you can PAY in INSTALLMENTS!

Fed up with waiting for an insurance payment?

We pay faster than others - in 59 MINUTES!

Wouldn't you want a quality repair
for your car in an official service-center?

OK! CHOOSE autoservice YOURSELF!

Tired of collecting lots of documents after an accident?

We do not demand THESE DOCUMENTS!

Is your car in repair and do you find it difficult without it?!

We COVER your taxi expenses up to AZN 120!

Do you use your car for commercial purposes?

That DOESN'T STOP US either!

Do you drive your car abroad?

Great! Your Insurance Certificate is
valid in the WHOLE WORLD!

Do others also drive your car?

Not a problem at all!
ANYONE older than 21 can drive the car on legal grounds!

Because You are Rational!


Our Business Model

  • KASKO BUTIK is a modern and innovative platform. All contracts are signed electronically and sent to your e-mail address along with other documents
  • Your bank account information is not kept by us! All payments are carried out through the payment systems of Pasha Bank and Express Bank, which are equipped with high security
  • Contracts signed via KASKO BUTIK platform are guaranteed not by one, but several leading insurance companies collectively
  • Professional and experienced staff of *2222 Insurance Support Center are on duty 24/7 in order to answer all your insurance-related questions
  • MERİ, the first insurance market Chatbot in the country, placed on our Facebook page, is ready to give you detailed information about KASKO BUTIK
  • Conducting of surveys of your car and your post-accident loss evaluation are done using the latest technological advances, saving you your time and money